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13dreams's Journal

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The Insomniacs
I've been given a chance at a new life... a new Begining. So I close the chapters of my old life... and move on to blank pages.

Sometimes.. Its like I'm standing on top of the highest cliff... and I'm daring myself to jump.
If fear is truely an illusion... than i will trust my wings to catch me... and so take the plunge into this unknown journey that waits for me, and in this new life that the universe has created for me.

Life for me has always been a series of deaths and rebirths... metamorphosis, from worm to butterfly... from something less advanced.. to something more beutiful.

As of late.. my life has changed so much in just a few days that to tell you about myself would take forever. I also belive that the person I was.. and the person that I am now.. are 2 different people. Completely changed and Completely new is this soul I now carry.

As of right now.. my life is based on one philosophy.

In this world.. even with all of my friends... the only person I truely have is myself ... and it is myself that I will give back... to myself, and to the world.

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