The Insomniacs (13dreams) wrote,
The Insomniacs


It seems everyone across the nation and their mothers are throwing a "nightmare before christmas party" this year. Each one sounds like they are going to be lots of fun... but I have to admit ... I'm tired of reading all the invites that keep getting endlessly posted on peoples journals.

This is NOT to say that I don't respect the people in the scene that are willing to go out of their way to throw these shindigs.. I do.. I know how much work and pain and money and time you put into it. Some of you I know personally ... and this is not a judgement towards you. I love you all for working so diligently to keep our scene alive and give us spooky things to do.

I also love the movie... got the tshirt for gods sake... I am just making a general observation about the many different flyers I've seen for the SAME theme party.. in different towns and states across the nation. Its making me wonder what started the nightmare craze. Was there a re-release of the movie? Is this an anniversary year for it? Are we all going to halloweentown in a handbasket?

Stay tooned for further instructions should hell explode and oogie boogie himself become a dj at one of these things.

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