The Insomniacs (13dreams) wrote,
The Insomniacs

words.... words.... words...

I've been stuggling with a certain song for 4 years now... 4 YEARS... i've played it on my guitar, and sang along.
4 years, I hummed the missing bars, or tried to fill them with something meaningful.
4 years, I couldn't finish it.
now... I have "4 more years" to get it done and GET IT OUT!

Lets hope I can figure out exactly what I'm missing.
Its something that I've been writing in my rage at humanities inability to unite.
and our own governments incompentency and idiocy, and the religious rights absolute hipocracy.
at the injustice of innocents who are killed everyday, children, mothers, fathers, ours, and theirs
and the judgements placed upon those who only just want to live as they please.
I'm tired of writing it... I'm tired of humming the bars and not having words to them.

I have a song inside me and its screaming to get out...
Maybe ... I'm afraid of the potency of the lyrics.. at the truth within the words.
I really do not know what is taking me so long.
I think its time I sat down and tried to finish it again.
I can no longer sit back, I can't let this song die.
I've got to hope that somewhere it will touch the heart of one or more people...
and that it will start a ripple in the waters of change.
Maybe thats where I need to start looking.
... the words will come... they always do...
until then ... i will keep searching.
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