The Insomniacs (13dreams) wrote,
The Insomniacs


This weekend was Fabulous... all around ...

Went to see a movie that made me cry... drinks with friends following***
fell asleep in my loves arms,*** and talked about new situations ***
Had breakfast with friends. ***
Relaxed and read a bit, Meditated, tried to calm my nerves a bit...
Then went out for tea and conversation with an absolutely amazing being***!
(i'm such a girl!!!)

I have to say overall eventful, beautiful, relaxing, giggly, fun weekend.

*side note* ***
(ok.. The truth is ... I want to gush... I want to gush all over this post, and be overly sappy about the friends, lovers, gods, goddesses, and inspiring creatures I have in my life as of lately... but I wont go past wanting to gush because this is as much as your going to get from me tonight.)

Lets just suffice it to say that I love everyone right now.

Yeah its one of those days.

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