The Insomniacs (13dreams) wrote,
The Insomniacs

My job rocks again AND WE ARE HIRING!

Got moved into tempe finally... new call center... better pay... got my raise... and its only 15 min from where I live. Life is good ... for now. Still looking for better paying options but until then... I'm gonna milk it for what its worth.

I'm on the Cingular Wireless project now at Phase 2

We are hiring like the dickens right now... we need 500 NEW REPS by the end of august/mid sept...
So if you are looking for a job... go to that link above or go to
and apply online... make sure you note that the employee who refered you was me "michael cordova"
I'll get a referal bonus if you stay for a month or longer. =) Starting pay is $9.00 and if you are bilingual its 9.50 .... the job is inbound customer service for cingular wireless inc. Go check it out.
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